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"I just wanted to let you know the V15 program is an amazing tool for my business. There doesn't appear to be anything the program cannot do. I am still amazed at all of the V15 features."
Kurt S., Koch Corp.

What's in the New Version 15.3.5 (updated 07-18-16)

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  1. Updated the licensing software to work with the web server which, undenounced to us, was updated and promptly broke our licensing software.
  2. Fixed a bug with copying Frame Types in the Labor Defaults window. Trying to copy a new type to another type was not working with the man count settings for glass.
  3. IMPORTANT! Added functionality for transom stops on all sides of transom glass to the door frame parts window. Stop profiles, parts, and add to daylight values were added to this window.
  4. IMPORTANT! Added code to put any windows saved on a second monitor back to the main monitor if the second monitor has been disconnected. Previously the windows would not appear because they were trying to be shown on a non-existent monitor.
  5. Added a Total Perimeter value for glass to the bottom of each Final Glass Report.
  6. Changed the Door Frame transom glass setting so that it doesn’t require a profile for the horizontal and vertical stop material to adjust the transom glass sizes.
  7. Added Support and Training links to the menu tree at the very top.
  8. Fixed Help link on menu tree with respect to an error in Windows 8 and newer when trying to open Help.
  9. Fixed a bug in the Optimizer when deleting cut parts more than once.
  10. Fixed a bug when the following occurred: Dimension from sub still to horizontals was checked in Drawing Settings; A Sill Can Profile existed; The box to draw the Show Sill Can option was unchecked. The dimension including the Sill Can was still getting drawn.
  11. Fixed a bug where Left Door Jamb material was not getting included when there were multiple doors in an elevation that were separated by side lites.
  12. Fixed a bug when adding a door frame to a new elevation by selecting an entrance from another elevation which only had a door frame. Essentially it was looking to copy a door as well as a frame, but there was no door.
  13. Added a message when trying to add a Window/Transom to a panel that already has one. Two Windows can’t start in the same panel.
  14. Fixed a strange labor bug that was preventing elevation labor values from being changed. An error would occur saying “insufficient key column information”. This appears to be a Microsoft database bug that had a workaround.
  15. Fixed a bug where 0 length cut parts will cause an error in the Optimizer. This can occur when a deduct value is given to a part that is the same length or less than the deduct value.
  16. Fixed a bug that appeared in Windows 10 when closing the Optimizer window when no stock lengths were present. An “Invalid Procedure Call” message would pop up.
  17. Added code to fix a bug where trying to change the Frame Type of a framing system with one that has been edited in the Labor Defaults and has a description that is longer than 30 characters would generate an error.
  18. Fixed a problem with the Perimeter Glass calculation in the statistics window in the bottom left of the main window.

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